the free psychotherapy network

free psychotherapy for people on low incomes and benefits

Cambridge meeting – Friday 16th October


Friday 16th October at 6.30pm
9Da, Old Court,
Pembroke College,
Cambridge CB1 2RF
Further enquiries:  Isobel Urquhart – 07809 831523 or email
Free Psychotherapy Network in Cambridge
A small group of therapists formed the FPN in early 2014. It is a
voluntary association of qualified therapists of all shapes and hues,
who have come together to offer free and low-fee open-ended work
to people on low incomes or benefits.
We want to organise and work against the growing divide in society
between the relatively well off, who can afford to have the private
therapy of their choice for as long as they need, and people on low
incomes, for whom the only choice on the NHS is increasingly
two to six sessions of CBT and a long waiting list.
We would like to expand the network now and begin to offer a
UK-wide presence for people looking for affordable therapy. With
more therapists on board, we can advertise the network with some
assurance that we can respond to requests.  
If you would like to be part of a local Cambridge group, Lucy King, Isobel Urquhart, Paul Atkinson and Andrea Heath invite you to a meeting to discuss setting up a local Free Psychotherapy Network group in Cambridge.  Lucy and Isobel are members of Cambridge Society for Psychotherapy, and Isobel, Paul and Andrea are members of the Free Psychotherapy Network.