FPN editorial group meeting 1st Dec 2015

It was good to meet and talk virtually yesterday, thanks Paul for setting it all up and sorry Isobel you couldn’t make it, but I am sure you had great baby times!

So, we talked about what direction we would like the website to take, or rather what we as the editorial team would like for the website, so it felt nice to have a small group to share decisions on editorial things.

As already discussed there are currently two pieces awaiting approval, and I believe it was decided that both pieces were to be published on the site.

We spoke a bit on what policies have been in place when it comes to writing for the website and so far it has been Paul in charge of what goes on.
What has been very important for Paul is that there is and continues to be a political identity around issues like inadequacies around therapy provision, specifically the prevalence of CBT and IAPT and the Happiness movement and the critique thereof, as well as the punitive and sanctioning acts from the government on people with mental health problems who receive benefits. What he would like would be if we could find people who would like to write about their own experience on being cut off from benefits.
The idea of groups and free therapy were spoken about as was the concept of writing about the experience of refugees in Europe at the moment, and how it differs between countries.

As far as the website is concerned we discussed what it is and should be about and we agreed was that there should be a relationship between psychological, social and political aspects and to get a bit of a clearer agenda we should ask the questions of what we are addressing, who are we talking to and what are we trying to say.
It would be good to have breadth of things on the website, and that we should put up as much as possible without thinking so much about it at the moment and add service users pieces and reviews to the ones currently already on the site.
If activists/campaigners experience burn outs and are interested in exploration around their activism perhaps it would be good to get views and articles for FPN, of course it is difficult to ask them in the role of therapist.
People interested in social/emotional world, it would be good for them to articulate what they are going through and then write about it. It would be good to get an example of how the experience of being on benefits is affecting them, especially in the face of welfare cuts, but we recognised that it would need a trusted person to make the introduction.
We spoke about if it would be good to have a ‘newsy’ bit, talking about what’s in the media, and about what’s going on in the world. Then we wondered whether it should include more about mental health and therapy and whether perhaps there are already existing sites that address these issues from a therapeutic standpoint.

And that basically was it! (I hope I covered it all..?)

So, from my side I will hopefully be able to have a conversation with Solace and maybe get in touch with a colleague from Paul to write about the refugee experience.

Hope you all have a good start to the weekend!