FPN meeting in Loughborough 17th October 2015

On the 17th October we took a trip to Loughborough University to attend a meeting arranged by Marc Gibson. Mark, Eric Chardin, and Rosalind Harris from Trent Counselling Service attended. They offer a free counselling service in the Nottinghamshire area and have varied experience between them.  Both Eric and Rosalind are retired and not interested in paid work, Mark works at the university.

The service is a limited company and they are considering becoming a charity.

The main issue that concerned them was the lack of referrals ( they hadn’t received any ) and recognised that they needed to raise their profile / advertise themselves. They had a website but had experienced difficulties in getting on line – Paul advised on how to do this.

They had approached GP’s who were only referring to IAPT services. They had also approached local counselling services but found they were referring In-house to trainees.

We discussed how they could raise their profile and it was suggested  they might organise an event which FPN could support.

They have a group supervisor.

The three of them seemed disheartened about the lack of response to what they can offer despite their experience and an obvious unmet need in the area. 

Overall they acknowledged the potential benefits of being supported by a professional network – FPN

Notes by Andrea Heath