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Notes from FPN online meeting 21/11/2020

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Notes from Free Psychotherapy Network meeting 25 November 2017

25th November 2017 London

Notes from meeting

Present: Andy Metcalf, Nicola Saunders, Paul Gordon, Paul Atkinson, Anna Jones, John Adams

Discussion and Decisions

• More therapists needed. Some of us are getting a lot of requests for therapy. Decided to have a campaign after Xmas to encourage more therapists to join us. Paul will write an email to circulate, along with Paul Gordon’s piece on the network in Therapy Today. We can encourage people to go on the web directory, but also suggest that people could join a list we keep so FPN members could contact and see if they have a space i.e. their contact details are not on the site. Can circulate to our various elists – PCSR, Alliance, training orgs, Relational Group etc

• FPN group therapy in London. Paul G, Nicola and Paul A interested in starting a group in the New Year.

• Interest expressed in offering workshops to therapists (and others?) on social class and therapy, and related issues. Anna and Paul G will pursue this. Philadelphia Association possible venue.

• Rooms for therapists who want to do free work but have no space to work in. Andy is offering his space in NW London. We decided to contact all members and see if others can offer session space to other FPN therapists.

• Discussion on doing another large meeting/conference, this time on FPN and our work.

• Supervision groups: there is now a peer supervision group in London – full for the moment. Possibility of a second group getting under way. We also need more free one-to-one supervision offers.

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