Geoff Warren

I am an integrated practitioner who incorporates into the therapy any approach which seems appropriate for my client. I work in a heated motorhome parked outside my house & I am 79 years old but my supervisor is instructed to advise me if she thinks I am failing in my level of competence.

I believe that free psychotherapy should be provided as part of the NHS. I have worked for 12 years in a local school based on a deprived  estate with many financial, drug & alcohol problems .I also work in a, local not for profit company, primarily working with adults who have suffered trauma particularly sexual abuse or domestic violence.

I do not believe in giving clients labels such as personality disorder or schizophrenic, I try to ascertain the root of client’s problems by listening carefully to their histories from childhood to adulthood hopefully in an empathic manner.


Scarborough, North Yorkshire  01723 354 934