PA Reading 28 Nov ’21

Psychoanalytic thinking on polarisation

1. How psychoanalysis can help us make sense of Brexit | British Politics and Policy at LSE David Morgan

2  Psychoanalysis and Palestine–Israel: a personal angle – M. Fakhry Davids (2019) Excerpt From: David Morgan. “The Unconscious in Social and Political Life”

3. Destructive populism as “perverted containing”: A psychoanalytical look at the attraction of Donald Trump – Karin Johanna Zienert-Eilts (2020) “The author examines the appearances and formation processes of destructive populist developments in the Western world from a psychoanalytical perspective, using the example of Donald Trump and his voters. She draws on the concepts of Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, Wilfred Bion, Herbert Rosenfeld and Otto Kernberg, which build on each other, and drafts the basic features of a psychoanalytic explanatory model of destructive populist social processes.”