People Not Pathology: Programme Outline

Two-Day Conference in Birmingham 2-3 May 2020

Conference Programme Outline

(in progress)

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SATURDAY 9.30am – 5pm

9.30 Arrive, register, coffee

10.00 Introductions: housekeeping & overview of the conference

Speakers: 10.30            10.45

11.00 Small groups to propose and prioritise workshop themes

11.40 Break

12.00 Plenary

  • Feedback from small groups and choose themes
  • Intro to facilitation, note taking and feed back method

12.30 First session in theme workshop groups

1.00 – 2.00  Lunch

Speakers: 2.00     2.15

2.30 Theme workshop groups

  • What are the issues and our experience of them?
  • What action are people already taking to campaign for change and/or create the alternatives?
  • What kind of action for change do we want/need?

3.30 Break

4.00 Plenary

  • Feedback from workshops
  • Identifying possibilities for networking and action
  • Plans for Sunday

5.00 End day and plans for evening



SUNDAY 10am – 3pm


10.00 Parallel Workshops

  • Saturday workshop groups – unfinished business
  • Denis Postle’s new movie “The Climate Tsunami” (50mins) and discussion
  • Parallel workshops on various themes to be confirmed

12.00  Break

12.30 Final Plenary

  • Feedback from parallel workshops
  • Plans for next steps
  • Contact lists

1.30 – 3.00   Lunch together at the venue and goodbyes

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