SHAL IAPT presentation 13/9/21

SHAL IAPT presentation 13/9/21

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

Latest IAPT annual report 2019/20

Paul Atkinson’s piece on IAPT for Novara Media “Marketising the Mental Health Crisis: How the CBT Empire-Builders Colonised the NHS” Feb  2020

The 2016/7 campaign to stop psycho-compulsion: the use of IAPT to coerce people with MH disabilities off benefits into work:

The campaign zine

Video of demo at New Savoy Conference (IAPT’s annual jamboree)

Psycho-compulsion youtube:

The Industrialisation Of Care: Counselling, Psychotherapy And The Impact of IAPT

Catherine Jackson Rosemary Rizq (2019)

The Work Cure: critical essays on work and well being   PCCS Books 2019

Universal Access to Counselling and Psychotherapy (uACT)

A new campaign to fight for relational therapy and psychological support across society. Currently forming. A launch event planned soon.

IAPT therapists pressurised to exaggerate success rates: The Independent 26th August 2021

Uberisation of therapy: Observer August 2021

Nine fold increase in on-line therapy Independent 2017