Andrea Heath

Working as a therapist in the NHS for a number of years, I met many people who clearly benefitted from long-term therapy. Recent cuts to services and a preference for short-term evidence based treatments mean that this is no longer an option for many. Psychotherapy is becoming a luxury service that excludes people surviving on a low income.

I am happy to be involved with the Free Psychotherapy Network because it is supporting therapists offer a service outside of the constraints of market forces. I was fortunate to find a therapist who helped me to begin to see my own possibilities and I believe in the benefits of therapy and that it should be accessible to all members of our society.

I offer psychotherapy from my private practice in North London and am flexible about offering therapy to meet people’s means and creative lead for Sage Community Arts, a charity which offers free therapeutic services and studio space to marginalised artists in West London.

I am a member of the Philadelphia Association