Find an FPN therapist

How to find an FPN therapist

The directory is organised by geographical areas. Choose a therapist and use the contact details to get in touch. Many of the therapists have a short profile available about themselves and their work. We offer no guarantee that therapists have free or low fee places available at any particular time. You will have to find ou t for yourself.

All arrangements for therapy will be made between yourself and the therapist. Therapists will usually have a current registration with a professional body, under whose code of ethics and complaints procedure they are working. You can check their qualifications in the directory. Do feel free and able to talk to a therapist about their qualifications, their ethical and complaints framework.

We are offering free psychotherapy – and free means free. If a therapist tells you they are only offering low-cost therapy, they should not be on the list. Please let us know if this is your experience.

Map of therapist locations here 

Free therapy through the NHS

It may be possible to get counselling and psychotherapy through your GP. Your GP may have counsellors working within your GP practice, though this is now not too common. They can refer you on to a variety of psychological therapies services, including Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). You can also self-refer to your local IAPT service – see here to find it. IAPT can work well for some people.  For others, a first therapy through the NHS can feel too short or lacking the depth required. There will usually be a waiting list and the therapy will usually be short-term and mainly Cognitive Behavioural.

Free therapy through your school/college/university

Most higher education colleges have a counselling service, as do many schools. If you are a student, find out about your in-house counselling service and see if they can help.

Other affordable options for people on low incomes

There are a number of other ways you might be able to find affordable therapy if you are prepared to hunt around and perhaps be on a waiting list for a while.

Take a look at our list of low-cost services here.

FPN directory



Name:  Miranda Seymour-Smith

Style of work: Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Qualification: UKPC

Postcode: NP7 9HP

Contact: 07463 780292  01873 776142

Other details: Not yet

Miranda Seymour-Smith has no vacancies currently 


Name:  Rob Abbott

Style of work: Psychodynamic counsellor

Qualification: BACP Registered Member

Postcode: PO19 8DX

Contact:   website:

Other details: 

Profile: Yes



Name:  Joe Suart

Style of work: Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Couple work.

Qualification: UKCP

Postcode: TR14 0BY

Contact: 07854095546,  01736 850158,

Other details: 

Profile: Yes


Name:  Neil Jones

Style of work: Rational emotive and cognitive behavioural therapy

Qualification: Assoc of Rational Emotive Therapy

Postcode: DL3 9DQ

Contact: 07594012205

Other details: 

Profile: Not yet

East Midlands

Name:  Arc Counselling Service

For details of the service and practitioners, see website:

“Arc Counselling Service can provide you with counselling that is safe, private and confidential. We will provide you with an opportunity for exploration with a counsellor who will work with you to understand you and your experiences. They can help you to identify useful strategies or changes you may wish to make.

We believe that counselling gives an opportunity to think, to talk in confidence, about difficulties, experiences, feelings, fears, thoughts, anxieties and problems that may be on your mind now or have been in the past.”

Other details: free and low-cost therapy offered



Name: Sophie Atkinson

Style of work: Psychodynamic counsellorAdult individuals, couples, young people and organisations.

Qualification: MBACP, Certificate in Post-Cult Counselling

Postcode: CM2 0EY

Contact:  07881 635524

Other details:

Profile: Yes


Name: Daniel Bruck

Style of work: Person centred therapy

Qualification: BPS

Postcode: Exmouth and Exeter

Contact:  07427 866 619

Other details:

Profile: Not yet


Name:  John Covell

Style of work: Psychotherapist

Qualification: CBT trained, Choice Theory Trained

Postcode: HD4 6HF

Contact: 07960279524

Other details:

Profile: Not yet


Name: Erin Stevens

Style of work: Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma Counselling and Psychotherapy and MA Psychotherapy

Postcode: LS29 8DP


Other details: I’m a humanistic integrative therapist with particular experience working with clients who have had previous harmful experiences of therapy. 

Profile: Not yet

Erin Stevens has no vacancies currently


Name:  Kevin Stevenson

Style of work: Humanistic therapist, utilising Solution-Focused and CBT

Qualification: BACP

Postcode: V94 Limerick

Contact:, +353 852193744

Other details: I am offering remote sessions, online or by telephone

Profile: Yes

London Central

Name:  Simon Kasprowicz

Style of work: Integrative counselling and psychotherapy

Qualification: BACP

Postcode: WC1N 2ES

Contact: 07909  636 742

Other details:

Profile: Not yet

London East

Name:  Paul Atkinson

Style of work: Psychotherapy

Qualification: College of Psychoanalysts-UK

Postcode: E14 6PA


Other details:

Profile: Yes

Paul Atkinson has no vacancies currently

Name:  Gaia Therapy Collective

Style of work: Diversity of styles and approaches

Qualifications: BACP, ADMPUK, BAAT or UKCP.

Postcode: E2 8QA  (Hackney City Farm)


Other details: “A free/low-cost service run by members of Gaia Therapy Collective for local residents on a low income and from marginalised communities. We are a diverse group of therapists committed to anti-racist, feminist, ecological values, seeking to increase access for therapy to those under-represented in psychotherapy services.”

Profile: Not yet

Name:  Rebecca Greenslade

Style of work: Existential Psychotherapist

Qualification: UKCP/BACP

Postcode: E8 3RP

07903 775 646

Other details:

Profile: Not yet

Rebecca Greenslade has no vacancies currently 

Name:  Isha Isidore

Style of work: Integrative/person-centred counselling


Postcode: IG1

Contact: 07375314639

Other details:

Profile: Yes

Isha Isadore has no vacancies currently 

Name:  Ros Kane

Style of work: Eclectic psychodynamic therapy

Qualification: Guild of Psychotherapists

Postcode: E11 3LE

Contact: 0208 555 5248

Other details: Availability – daytimes on weekdays. I have a few low-cost places available.

Profile: Not yet

London North

Name:  Kris Black

Style of work: Psychotherapy Integrative Arts

Qualification: UKCP Registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, BACP Proficient / Registered

Postcode:  N7 6LA

Contact: 0776 137 1088

Other details:

Profile: Yes

Kris Black has no vacancies currently 


Name: Roddy McDowall

Style of work: Group analysis

Qualification: UKCP

Postcode: N12  8AB


Other details: 

Profile: Not yet

Name: Adrian Scott

Style of work: Psychotherapy/Counselling/Couples Work

Qualification: MBACP

Postcode: N8 0AP

Contact: 07956 292740

Other details: 

Profile: Not yet

London NW

Name:  John Adams

Style of work: Psychotherapy

Qualification: BACP Registered

Postcode: NW6

Contact: 07880715353

Other details: Open-ended, free and low-fee

Profile: Not yet

Name:  Andrea Heath

Style of work: Psychotherapist

Qualification: UKCP

Postcode: NW3 5DJ


Other details: open-ended psychodynamic work, free and low fee

Profile: Yes

Andrea Heath has no vacancies currently

Name:  Alexia Lonnoy

Style of work: Psychodrama psychotherapy

Qualification: London Centre for Psychodrama (BPA and UKCP registered)

Postcode: NW3 2UT but the psychotherapy will be happening online for the moment


Other details: I am offering 2 free places in my group starting in September 2021

Profile: Yes

Name:  Sue Platt

Style of work: Psychodynamic  psychotherapist and counsellor

Qualification: The Minster CentreUKCP

Postcode: NW7 4AN


Other details: short term and open-ended, free and low cost

Profile: Not yet

Name: Tristan Voice

Style of work: Psychotherapist

Qualification: Philadelphia Association UKCP

Postcode: NW3 1QW

Contact:    07799897059

Other details:

Profile: Not yet

London South

Name:  Kate Megase

Style of work:  Integrative counselling

Qualification: BACP Accredited

Postcode: CR9 2ER


Telephone: 0208 263 -2386 / Mobile: 0787 9897063 

Email:   Website:

Other details:  Based at the Personal Growth and Development Centre, a counselling organisation in East Croydon, which provide counselling for individuals and couples on a low income.

Profile: Not yet

London SE

Name:  Michael Caton

Style of work:Psychodynamic psychotherapist

Qualification: UKCP

Postcode: DA17 5QP


Other details:I work with both groups and individuals, long or short term.
Places available on affordable or free basis.

Profile: Yes

Name:  Francesco Piro

Style of work: Psychosynthesis

Qualification: PG Dip in Psychosynthesis Counselling, BACP Registered Member

Postcode: SE1 9GY


Other details: long or short term, free and low cost.

Profile: Not yet

Name:  David Plant

Style of work: Psychodynamic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Qualification: BACP, UKCP

Postcode: SE7 7PY

Contact: 020 8305 1737

Other details:Daytime and evening availability

Profile: Not yet

David Plant has no vacancies currently

London SW

Name: Elizabeth Brock

Style of Work: Counselling and psychotherapy

Qualification: BACP

Postcode: SW2  Whatsapp (+44) 07515461299


Details: I have space for no fee clients as well as low cost. I offer therapy over Skype/online/telephone/in person

Profile: Yes

Name: Alex Ioannou

Style of Work: Creative Arts and Somatic Trauma Therapist

Qualification: HCPC

Postcode: SW2, SW8, SE1 and online 07546 104 883

Profile: Not Yet

Alex Ioannou has no vacancies currently

Name: Mark Maclean

Style of work: Integrative

Qualification:  UKCP

Postcode: SW10 


Other details: I offer psychodynamic work, EMDR, mindfulness and somatic psychotherapy

Profile: Not yet

Mark Maclean has no vacancies currently

Name:  Gavin Robinson

Style of work:Integrative with individual adults

Qualification: BACP

Postcode: SW17 0RU

Contact: 07986789893

Other details: website

Profile: Not yet

Name:  Joanna Roman

Style of work: Third-wave CBT, mostly Acceptance and Commitment Therapy- ACT

Qualification: HCPC registration as the visiting European professional ;  BPS registration

Postcode: SW15 4JQ.

Contact:   e-mail:
phone: 07931211538

Other details: I prefer online or outdoor sessions

Profile: Yes


London West

Name:  Peter Ryan

Style of work: PersonCentred Approach to Counselling

Qualification: MBACP (Accred)

Postcode: W10 6BF


Other details:

Profile: Yes

Name:  John Dinwoodie

Style of work: Psychotherapy – Experiential constructivist

Qualification:  UKCP

Postcode: W4 1HL

Contact:  07711 306549/

Other details: 

Profile: Not yet



Name:  Jenny Armstead

Style of work: Person-centred

Qualification: BACP

Postcode: M21 7RL


Other details: My Person Centred private practice embraces equality & accessibility for all income groups. I offer a sliding scale from £5 to £50 my aim being to make ongoing counselling affordable for as long as it is needed. As a member of the BACP I work within the BACP ethical framework.I work in the South Manchester area & Furness Peninsular (S Lakes).

Profile: Not yet

Name:  Yasmin Dewan

Style of work: Life coaching and psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

Qualification: Advanced Diploma in TA, registered with UKATA – more details available on my website, see link below.

Postcode: M21 and LA 11 – Manchester and Cumbria

Contact: 07900 520306

Other details: I’m listed with The Counselling Directory

Profile: Yes

Name:  Phil McEvoy

Style of work: Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Qualification: BPC

Postcode: OL5 0NN

Contact: mob number 07879 656878  email

Other details: offering free sessions

Profile: Not yet

Name:  Ian Parker

Style of work: Psychoanalyst, Supervision

Qualification: UKCP

Postcode: M14 6FG


Other details: At the moment I can offer supervision for therapists working psychodynamically, for those who are offering free psychotherapy and who take an approach that is outside the frame of medical psychiatry and its diagnostic categories.

Profile: Yes


Name:  Sue Jackson

Style of work: Talking therapist

Qualification: See Profile

Postcode: NN2 7JD

Contact: 077183 03 669

Other details: 



Northern Ireland 

Name:  Paul Tohill

Style of work: Counsellor/Addiction Recovery Coach/Group Work Facilitator

Qualification: MBACP

Postcode: Co. Down  BT34 3PA

Contact:  Email / Tel.  07518968661

Other details: FdSc (Counselling)  Available for remote work via Zoom

Profile: Yes


Name: Taf Kunorubwe

Style of work: CBT Therapist & Mindfulness Teacher

Qualification: PGDip in CBT & PGDip in Mindfulness

Postcode: RG1 2SB

Contact: 07403 598898 or

Other details: I am a CBT Therapist & Mindfulness Teacher working in Reading. I offer monthly Free Mindfulness Sessions and low cost CBT.

Profile: Yes


Name: Deborah A. Lee   MSc, UKCP-registered, MBACP, MNCS (Accred) (pronouns she/her)

Style of work: Person-Centred Psychotherapy & Counselling

Qualification: MSc (Distinction) Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy; UKCP

Postcode: All sessions will be via Zoom so you may be located anywhere in the UK


Other details:

Profile: Yes

Deborah Lee has no vacancies currently 

Scotland and the Borders

Name: Maureen Macleod

Style of work: Person centred counselling and psychotherapy

Qualification: BACP and COSCA

Postcode: Lossiemouth IV31 6TU

Contact:  07806 775375

Other details: Offering sessions online only for the moment

Profile: Yes

Maureen Macleod has no vacancies currently


Name:  Max Marnau

Style of work: Person centred counselling and psychotherapy

Qualification: BACP

Postcode: Selkirk TD7 4LK

Contact: ettrick@counsellor.scot07530 030395

Other details: 

Profile: Not yet

Name:  Bruce Scott

Style of work: Psychotherapist

Qualification: College of Psychoanalysts- UK, Philadelphia Association

Postcode: EH3 9NQ (Edinburgh) and TD8 6ST near Jedburgh, Scottish Borders

Contact:  07765216499 and

Other details: open-ended person-centred work, free, low fee

Profile: Yes


Name: Andy Whitehouse

Style of work: Person Centred Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Qualification: BACP

Postcode: S8 0GS


Other details: 

Profile: Yes

Andy Whitehouse has no vacancies at the moment 


Name:  Kesley Cage

Style of work: Humanistic psychospiritual counsellor

Qualification: BACP

Postcode: Wells and Glastonbury


Other details: 

Profile: Yes

Kesley Cage has no free vacancies currently. He has some low fee spaces.


Name: Nick Davis

Style of work: Integrative Psychotherapist

Qualification: BACP & UKCP

Postcode: KT13 9SW

Contact:   01932 847 329

Other details: 

Profile: Not yet

Name: Tristan Voice

Style of work: Psychotherapist

Qualification: Philadelphia Association UKCP

Postcode: KT16 8DQ

Contact:    07799897059

Other details:

Profile: Not yet


Name: Fiona Goldman

Style of work: Integrative Psychotherapist

Qualification: PG Dip

Postcode: Online only at the moment

Contact: 07482 062383

Other details:

Profile: Yes

Fiona Goldman has no vacancies currently

West Midlands

Name: Mel Whyatt 

Style of work: Person Centred Counsellor

Qualification: BACP  NCS

Postcode: WV6 8JZ

Contact:  07799761825

Other details:

Profile: Yes


Name: Ewa Kremplewska

Style of work: Psychology & Psychotherapy

Qualification: CPsychol, AFBPsS, HCPC

Postcode: WR8 0ET

Contact:  07827918516 and

Other details: 

Profile: Yes