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free psychotherapy for people on low incomes and benefits

Peter Ryan

I hail from the Emerald isle and immigrated to London in the early 1980’s. I re-entered the education system at Hackney community college in 2004 enrolling in a 10 week introduction course on counselling. I counted 27 students on day one. I emerged in 2008 along with 6 students with a well earned Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. My modality is Person-Centred. Having since practiced at an addiction agency, inner London secondary school, mix gender pupil referral unit and an all girl special needs school, it is evident the Person-Centred approach to therapeutic healing and me are up to the job. I have worked as a helpline operator at mental health and male rape charities. In 2010 I set up my private practice Empathy Zone, in which I continue to offer high value therapy low cost counselling to people on basic incomes. Empathy Zone is both the environment and portal through which greater discovery, understanding and acceptance of organismic self is encouraged to congruently emerge. Empathy Zone empowers. The economical squeeze, politics of pain, and other external blocks to change can be more readily overcome for individuals who are struggling with traumatic issues, when professionals are willing to support each other. To my mind the free psychotherapy network is one such platform that makes this possible.