Therapists: how to join the network

If you are a therapist and would like to join the FPN, we ask simply that you share our
commitment to providing free open-ended therapy to people on low incomes. See the statement on the home page of our website Please don’t join the network if you can only offer reduced fee work. One person’s reduced fee is another’s impossible expense. Offering free work can evoke quite complex responses for therapists and clients alike, something FPN therapists have been interested in sharing and exploring together. If you want to talk about any issues around working for free before or after you join us, please get in touch.

There are three steps to joining:

1.   Tell us you are a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist.

2.   Send the following details, which will be posted on our directory of therapists, to Andy Metcalf at

  • Your style of Work…….ie Psychotherapy/Counselling/Couples Work
  • Your qualification
  • Your postcode
  • Your contact details … email or phone number or both
  • Any other details you would like to mention

After your details are posted, the conditions of the work with a client who contacts you from the FPN  directory (free or a low fee, frequency, holiday breaks, etc)  are for you and the client to negotiate within the frame of your private practice.

3.   When you feel the time is right,  write a brief profile piece explaining why you have come to join the network and what it means to them. Find examples here.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch with Paul Gordon.