Fiona Goldman

I am a (relatively) recently qualified counsellor in Manchester, with lots of other relevant experience, having worked as a midwife and an alternative therapist. And having lived for a while. The theory is both interesting and important, but at the heart of counselling, lies the beating heart of a living relationship. I am fascinated by relationships and the way in which a good connection between people, can seem to create a life of its own.

I am deeply concerned that people’s mental health has been ignored for so long, that we are not able to afford what it will cost to catch up with the need for services. In many areas, charity providers of therapy have extensive waiting lists for short-term counselling, and CBT is all that is available on the NHS (and that too could be following a long wait). If CBT is what you need, that’s great, but many of us need a deeper exploration of our issues; the space to talk about things knowing that we are being properly listened to, properly heard. The space to be able to work out for ourselves how to proceed, in a way that suits our lives, not someone else’s schedule. And we need it now.

If that is the case for you, you may find that paying for private counselling is your only option. It appals me that so many of those in need of therapy will be excluded by their inability to pay for it. Again, the theory is both interesting and important, but it is the feeling; the deep knowledge that it is wrong, that I am left with. I am constantly looking for ways to earn enough to live myself, while providing accessible counselling to those who most need it. I volunteer at a men’s prison and would love to be able to offer free counselling to all, but that is impossible, so I do the next best thing; I offer a free initial session and a negotiable reduced rate for all on no or a low income.

If you would like to meet with me, please call 07482 062383 or email