Yasmin Dewan

With my younger brother diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 25 years ago, I have personal experience of the family sacrifices and struggles related to the pain and stigma of mental illness.

I am totally committed to my purpose and passion of enabling easy access to therapy for all, deploying a uniquely, holistic approach, dedicated to people’s development and growth the way nature would have intended. With support from organisations such as SANE and MIND, my own journey has allowed me to discover the true benefits of therapy first-hand.

With expertise in mental resilience and emotional fitness, I work in partnership with my clients, focusing on a treatment plan only when there is real commitment for personal change. This is agreed irrespective of income, concessional rates being negotiated for those who cannot afford to pay in full.

Personal therapy is proving invaluable for people to manage challenging situations in their lives, so they are able to transform problems into major opportunities for personal growth in areas such as:

  • handling crises in relationships
  • dealing with stress and other pressures
  • resolving fears, panics and anxieties
  • coping with continuing family problems
  • working through difficult decisions
  • breaking through physical pain, depression and sadness

………in order for them to………

  • develop more fulfilling relationships
  • bring out their creativity and self-expression
  • learn to assert their own needs
  • renew a sense of purpose in their lives
  • find new paths to self-discovery
  • feel well again, with no medication, and be happier in themselves


Therapy, for me, is as vital to one’s emotional wellbeing as fresh running water is to one’s survival – this physical instinct, and the need for our lives to have meaning and a connection with something spiritually greater, has led me to live my life by a very simple, yet powerfully effective mantra:


“Listen to your Body, Open your Heart, Make the Most of your Mind and Free your Spirit”


Check out www.inspirationalwinners.com or contact me direct at yasmin@inspirationalwinners.com