Kris Black

Kris Black (uses they / their pronouns)

Kris Black is a UKCP Registered and MBACP RegIntegrative Arts Psychotherapist, Child and Adolescent Counsellor and a Clinical Supervisor trained by CSTD and part of the Independent Supervisors Network.

Kris set up Arc Therapy in 1991, and sees a range of clients in North and East London for counselling, psychotherapy and supervision. Kris also works as an Independent Trainer and Groupworker, is a Clinical Associate and Trainer working with Pink Therapy and BAATN (Black African and Asian Therapists Network), and is a graduate of Black Issues Masterclass.

Kris is the founder of Radical Dialogues ~ an Intersectional group work, training and awareness programme combining intersectional feminism, art and psychotherapy to address and heal trauma caused by discrimination, violence and abuse.

Kris has worked within London for over 17 years as a therapist with children using an integrative and multi cultural framework, as many of their clients were seen as being at risk of school exclusion, or from economic or cultural backgrounds for whom therapy was not thought about as being accessible, her work has included family interventions and working with single parents. Currently Kris works with Adults Children and Adolescents in private practice and is registered with Gendered Intelligence as part of their Therapists Network. Kris runs a Lo Cost clinic within LGBTQI+ community settings and has supported events within the QTIPOC community as a resident counsellor / mental health professional.

Kris has worked within the charity sector for over 36 years as a counsellor and a trainer on diverse intersectional issues such as hate crime, HIV, domestic violence, sexual violence, sexuality, identity, and health issues.

Kris believes the personal is political, and has contributed to many radical, black, women’s, and LGBTQ+ groups and campaigns at a grassroots level and upwards for most of their working life. Having studied law, Kris worked within grassroots, national and international campaigns which have raised awareness about change, discriminatory legislation, attitudes and practices toward minorities marginalised by discrimination at the intersections of class gender race disability and sexuality.

Kris believes psychotherapy and counselling can save lives as well as changing negative belief systems and therefore should be affordable and accessible to all ~ not just those with economic power. For this reason. the majority of Kris’ work with clients has been within the education sector or the charity sector where clients who cannot afford services can access psychotherapy and counselling.

Kris was born into a working~class, mixed racial heritage family, living in north London’s council housing estates in the 60’s, got involved with feminism and political activism aged 18 and does not think politics, activism, or campaigning to end inequality in society are counter~intuitive to being a professional psychotherapist or counsellor.

Kris has worked as a counsellor for over 36 years and as a psychotherapist since 1991 offering a service to a range of clients aged 3 to 93.

Kris is able to offer low cost psychotherapy and supervision in North London near Holloway Road / Finsbury Park and Shoreditch to people referring themselves through the Free Psychotherapy Network. There may at times be a waiting list.

For further details 0776 137 1088,