Joanna Roman

I personally believe that happiness is bigger when it’s shared. Giving our resources to others, especially selflessly, makes us more human. This idealistic view is my huge motivation to provide psychotherapy for everyone, regardless of their income.
We, people, have our own system of values, which acts as a compass of our life decisions. Psychotherapy is a space to rediscover what is really important to us. Additionally, sometimes we might get lost in some situations, sometimes we can be tangled in our own emotions and thoughts. When we start working on the automatic remote control we lose ourselves from the horizon. Then it’s worth stopping and looking at what just happened. Sometimes all we need to do is just observing and, with the forgiving acceptance, trying to be in a present moment. Then we can see patterns of behavior that lead us to unwanted results. This is just a brief description of the therapeutic adventure that we can experience together.
I am a member of ACBS (Association for Contextual and Behavioral Sciences), so I am familiar with the third-wave of CBT techniques, mostly ACT and DBT. I expand my knowledge and skills through supervision, as well as participation in international conferences. I am also registered in BPS (as a graduate member) and HCPC (as a visiting European professional). I am happy to work with teenagers or young adults who experience a difficult life situation, anxiety, loneliness, or any emotional dysregulation. I am particularly specialized in performance anxiety among musicians. I work outside the office, so we can meet “in the field” or online.
phone: 07931211538