Kesley Cage

I am a humanistic psychospiritual counsellor working with oppressed minorities. I draw on transpersonal psychology, eco-therapy and trauma-sensitive mindfulness, to help people make sense of life in difficult times. 
I have faith that everyone has the potential to experience inner peace and well-being.  My counselling service is based primarily on therapeutic listening and can help individuals who would like to commit to being compassionate towards their own pain. Whether your concerns are mental health, existential, spiritual issues, or physical illness, counselling may help you to improve your well-being, find some freedom from suffering and greater happiness.
I offer therapy without charge to people living in the United Kingdom and living in poverty. My work is confidential and clinically supervised, bound by the professional ethics of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP), and I can also provide suitable referrals to support services and charitable organisations.’