Isha Isidore

I have no vacancies currently 23/9/20
I have always been an activist working for various grassroots organisations within London global women’s strike, Women against Rape, RAMFEL,  always been passionate about making a difference.
My career has always been within the caring field I worked in refuges for women fleeing domestic violence, hostels for homelessness and substance misuse, safe houses for trafficked women, day centres for the elderly and homeless. Working with the most marginalised people in society that are often overlooked and ignored, as a black woman raised by immigrant parents I understood what it felt like to be marginalised. I saw how hard my parents had to work and all the racism they experienced. I think that made me more passionate to make a difference. I have always been outspoken and often been told by others I’m a rebel. Fighting for injustice is something I think its more vital now more than ever.
I’m still heavily involved in my activist work and with my counselling practice, it helps me be more attuned to the many circumstances that clients whether that be discrimination, poverty, addiction, depression, anxiety, bereavement.
Working person-centred but also integrating other modalities and techniques, allows the therapy to truly be client focussed and the therapeutic alliance to develop organically.
Getting my BA in Integrative Counselling and my MSc in Mental Health Cultural and Global Perspectives in Mental health Care which enhanced my clinical practice in awareness and treatment in working with diverse cultures and ethnicities particularly around their understanding of mental health and incorporating intercultural techniques to my own clinical practice.
I’m BACP Registered Member 376666
Also member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union
Also member of the GMB Union
You can contact me either by phone 07375314639 or by email
My practice is called Coffee and Sunflowers Therapy Service as they are two of my favourite things.