Joe Suart


The most important thing for me is to be an enabling part of a process through which someone can explore and unearth a way of having a voice, their voice-way as it were, that is meaningful and that they can find invigorating. There are situations in which this can be very difficult and involve significant amounts of distress, and whilst there is no guarantee I have been very fortunate in therapeutically facilitating and participating with some people as they have successfully struggled to unravel the tangles that have often got in the way of them finding their voice-way. Sometimes this has been on the level of the very immediate and specific, and sometimes it can lead through to experiences that are fundamental and far reaching.

I am psychoanalytically trained, (UKCP registered) with a specific interest in post-Jungian thinking and practice. My work is underpinned by the premise that we are all subject to experiencing the influence on our lives of a dynamic and autonomous unconscious, personal and collective, and that that experience needs to be mediated and managed by our conscious awareness and intent.

My experience includes a significant amount of work with people who have suffered severe sexual, physical and emotional abuse and I have also worked with people experiencing problematic substance use and addictions as well as experiences of psychotic breakdown.

I have a part-time post with Cornwall Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) where the focus of my work is on assisting distressed parents in their struggles to relate to and take care of their very distressed children.

However, most of the time I work with people who are struggling with difficulties that many of us experience, which impact upon our lives in ways that are often hard to make sense of by ourselves. People tend to see me once a week, and often over a fairly long period of time.

I work from a hut down a track on a friend’s small holding just outside Camborne, Cornwall. The hut is off-grid (with a small windmill for electric, a wood-burner and compost loo) and surrounded by fields.

I have always seen a number of people for very low fees and now want to extend that to offering some free psychotherapy sessions.

Contact: Mobile: 07854095546


Landline: 01736 850158