Limor Tevet

For the last 10 years I have been working with adults and children who came to see me for counselling for a range of reasons – from depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse to bullying, low self esteem, work related problems, family and relationship issues, spirituality quests and more.

My therapeutic approach is integrative: combining psychodynamics and humanistic.

I offer one on one counselling sessions, where we will be dealing with difficulties and challenges in different areas of life. I view each client as the expert of his or her life. As a counsellor my role is to reflect and guide the client to discover their own patterns and beliefs and their origins.

The therapeutic relationship consist of contained, safe and consistent environment, which is free of labels and blame, where clients are empowered to change and grow.

*I suggest the sessions contain a few minutes guided meditation at the beginning or the end of each session. This is only a recommendation that can support you in the process if you feel ready for it.

Examples of session topics include:

  • Relationships and Intimacy
  • Dealing with stress
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Children – dealing with bullying and issues around self-esteem.
  • Children – challenging behaviour at home and at school.

October 2018: I cannot accept any more free and low cost clients for the moment, I’m afraid!