Meeting 21/11/2020

Notes from our FPN pre-meeting yesterday 14/11


Paul to email attendees

Give short outline of meeting

Encourage people to think about what they want to contribute

Suggest people intro themselves and say what they hope for meeting when speak/chat box

Zoom link to go out Friday

So far large group but naturally some won’t make it in the end

Please let us know if not coming

Introduction to meeting (Paul?) 5 mins

  • Intros: people intro themselves – some we know (FPN) others are new to us. Intro yourself as you speak, and use the chat box (Nicola). Please say what you are hoping for from meeting.
  • Structure of meeting : Intro to FPN (Paul); Discussion of 3 areas (4 of us contribute); Final session 30 mins (Andy) on what now; actions; follow-up 
  • Report from meeting on website and via FPN list

Introduction to FPN -where we are (Paul) 15 mins

Discussion 11.20 – 12.30

-The 4 of us facilitate this section

  • More therapists 
  • Zoom developments: distribute referrals, Zoom Covid groups, Zoom peer supervision
  • Wider developments/campaigns: community politics, “real therapy” campaign

Final session 30 mins

  • Pulling things together; where to from here; action points; next steps
  • Andy to chair Andrea to take notes

Contact Andy Metcalf with queries