What’s wrong with psychiatry and how we might change things

British psychologist Gary Sidley and US reforming psychiatrist Peter Breggin discuss Gary’s journey of disillusionment with the NHS “mental health” establishment, and then freely indulge their thoughts and fantasies about what an ideal “mental health service” would look like. Find it here.

Gary Sidley’s new book is now available Tales from the Madhouse PCCS Books

Current psychiatric practices are based on pseudo-scientific assumptions that are barely more valid than those of witchcraft and demonic possession that dominated society’s approach to madness in bygone centuries. In Tales from the Madhouse, the evidence for psychiatry’s deficiencies are comprehensively reviewed, and disturbing anecdotes from the author’s 33 years of practice in mental health illustrate how these failings are currently playing out within psychiatric services throughout the UK and beyond.

Find his blog here.

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